Kate began working with Core Energetics in 2010, and she graduates from the four-year practitioner training course this year.

She came to Core to deepen her self-awareness and her connection in relationships. As a twice graduate of London’s Central School of Speech and Drama, Kate has worked in the performance arts throughout her career and has credits in theatre, television and film.

Passionate and committed to her personal fulfilment and her professional development as a voice teacher, Core has developed her exploration into what it is fully connect to feelings, to be present and to express emotional range. Through Core’s integrative use of breath, energy, movement, and emotional and spiritual expression she has discovered more about the body as a revelation of one’s life experience, and how to holistically work toward unlocking blocks that inhibit our aliveness, expression of personal power and flow. Core can help to restore trust in following your instinct and impulses and to connect to your inner wisdom.

Kate also coaches in the business and finance sector. She has the ability to work effectively with business professionals who are challenged by constant change, performance anxiety, and high levels of demand within their workplace dynamics. Her aim is to assist clients with navigating through difficulties with greater ease, confidence and adaptability so as to step into their leadership, create the relationships they want, and to achieve their full potential in involved and effective communication.

Kate believes that Core can enrich a person’s life on all levels, and that it offers a pathway to reconnecting with who you are, and to fulfilling your unique gifts and your life purpose. She is a supportive, creative and energetic teacher and therapist. The depth of her creative experience helps her to help the client feel free and empowered, and to follow their individual path to personal and professional fulfillment.