Linda Zurak

Linda Zurak

I was introduced to Core Energetics shortly after my move to the UK in 2006. I was immediately drawn to this work that seemed to embody all my passions; mind/body connection, energy work and Spirituality..

For me, Core Energetics has been an experience of integration and emotional healing that I had not experienced in ten years of personal development work. This inspired me to complete the four-year practitioner training in Holland and start my private practice in SW London. I am excited to share and grow this work in the UK.

Linda’s Story

After leaving a ten-year career in the financial industry, I followed my passion for Pilates and have been teaching movement since 1999. Looking back I can see that this was the start of what has become a lifelong quest for truth, spiritual growth, and personal empowerment.

After many difficult years of running my own business I felt the need to connect with myself on a deeper level. It was during this time that I moved to London and met Melissa Hillery who introduced me to Core Energetics, for which I am forever grateful.

Since then I feel connected to my strength and vulnerability and am able to feel more compassion and love towards myself, and the people around me.

How I Work

I like to take time in sessions to create an atmosphere of safety and trust. This sets the groundwork for open and honest communication, which is vital for healing and growth. I am able to be fully present with people in a supportive non-judgmental environment whilst also inviting them to move beyond their perceived limitations.

I believe that my years of personal development and movement education allow me to bring a deeper dimension to the work of Core Energetics in a way that is very practical and useful to my clients.

My Focus

My passion is working with people in the areas of intimacy, sexuality, grief and couples’ work.

In my sessions I work with clients first to identify their automatic response or defence to conflict, stress, pain and fear. Together we then explore a new, more conscious and emotionally mature way to deal with these areas of struggle.

Bringing emotional intelligence to our relationships helps us to better deal with conflict, pain and communication issues.

Over time, my clients feel more relaxed and free in being themselves. They can clearly identify and ask for what they want/need and their experience of life becomes more pleasurable.

This work is not for everybody. It takes time, commitment, trust and a lot of courage but I believe the rewards are well worth it.

As well as my professional training and experience, I like to also bring fun and creativity to client sessions.


  • Core Energetics 4 year practitioner training
    • Master Pilates Teacher and presenter
    • Completed Gyrotonic® Expansion System/Gyrokinesis® Training
    • Certified in Yamuna Body Rolling®
    • Completed Level one Neuro-Linguistic Programming
    • Landmark Education Graduate (Curriculum for Living/Introduction Leader Program)

Fun Facts

I enjoy Kundalini Yoga and meditation, music, travel, cooking and quality time with family and friends.