Linda Zurak

Linda Zurak

I was introduced to Core Energetics shortly after my move to the UK in 2006. I was immediately drawn to this work that seemed to embody all my passions; mind/body connection, energy work and Spirituality..

For me, Core Energetics has been an experience of integration and emotional healing that I had not experienced in ten years of personal development work. This inspired me to complete the four-year practitioner training in Holland and start my private practice in SW London. I am excited to share and grow this work in the UK.

Linda’s Story

After leaving a ten-year career in the financial industry, I followed my passion for Pilates and have been teaching movement since 1999. Looking back I can see that this was the start of what has become a lifelong quest for truth, spiritual growth, and personal empowerment.

After many tough years of running my own studio and staff I felt the need to connect with people on a deeper level. It was during this time that I moved to London and met Melissa Alacheff who introduced me to Core Energetics for which I am forever grateful.

Since then I feel connected to my strength and vulnerability and am able to feel more compassion and love both towards myself as well as with clients, family and friends. My view of the world has changed and I know now that I have a right to be here and fully experience love, joy and abundance.

How I Work

Most of my clients are happy, successful people that may be struggling in a particular area of life. Generally they come to me having already tried various other forms of therapy that did not give them the desired results. They may come with feelings of dissatisfaction, pain, guilt or simply an experience of feeling stuck

I like to take time in sessions to create an atmosphere of safety and trust. This sets the groundwork for very open and honest communication, which is vital for healing and growth. I am able to be fully present with people in a supportive non-judgmental environment whilst also pushing them to live beyond their perceived limitations.

I believe that my years of personal development and movement training allow me to use the process of Core Energetics in a very practical way that allows people to quickly implement the learning to impact their daily lives.

My Focus

I believe that we are all capable of greatness. It is simply unconscious beliefs and emotional patterns that keep us stuck in life. I like to call these blind spots.

In my sessions I work with clients first to bring consciousness to these patterns and how they originated. This then allows us to work together in shifting the outdated automatic responses to life and instead create healthy, adult, emotionally mature patterns. These new conscious patterns will then start to shift how the person interacts and perceives the world and slowly a new reality starts to emerge. This work is not for everybody. It takes time, commitment, trust and a lot of courage but I believe the rewards are well worth it.

As well as my professional training, I like to bring fun and creativity to client sessions.


• Core Energetics 4 year practitioner training
• Master Pilates Teacher and presenter
• Completed Gyrotonic® Expansion System/Gyrokinesis® Training
• Certified in Yamuna Body Rolling®
• Completed Level one Neuro-Linguistic Programming
• Landmark Education Graduate (Curriculum for Living/Introduction Leader Program)

Fun Facts

I have an endless curiosity that has me constantly learning and trying new things. I enjoy Kundalini Yoga and meditation, dancing, traveling, reading, writing and spending time with family and friends.