MelissaMelissa has been practicing CORE Energetics first as a student, then as a Practitioner, since 1996.

She works with individuals, leads CORE Energetics groups and workshops and is the Director of CORE London Programmes. She is a faculty member of The CORE Energetics Institute in Holland.

Melissa has served on the board of directors for the New York Institute of CORE Energetics. Melissa has a private practice in Wimbledon Village, London.

Melissa’s Story

I discovered Core Energetics in 1996. I started as an enthusiast, stumbling onto the work while taking an acting class for fun. At this time, I was becoming aware of feeling less than satisfied in my life and was looking for inspiration. The CORE work found me and proved to be the inspiration that I needed. It helped me connect to myself, to my true wants and desires. It helped me take responsibility for my life and it changed the quality of my relationship with friends, family and co-workers. I became clearer and able to make decisions that greatly increased my satisfaction and joy in life.

From this place, I naturally started to share the work with other people. It was at this point, after a 12-year career in the financial industry that I decided to become a Practitioner myself and completed the four-year certification program in New York. After completing the training, I changed my life – a new career, a new relationship, and a move to a new country. I am happy to report that I now feel very satisfied with how I live my life and I love helping other people with their journey back to themselves.

I believe that every person has unique gifts and strengths… a unique CORE. When we are in connection with this place we experience life as full, vibrant, and effortless. We are creative and expansive.

When we are one with ourselves and in truth we are living consciously and are able to create deep, satisfying and meaningful relationships. We make decisions from a healthy place. We take responsibility for ourselves and live our lives as adults. We become less judgmental and more accepting of ourselves and others and are able to navigate through difficulties with greater ease and awareness.

How I Work

My approach is highly intuitive while grounded in technique and experience. I create a safe and non-judgmental space that invites exploration and expression. I work with individuals and groups to get to the truth of a situation with the aim of restoring balance and harmony.

I largely work within the framework of the the Core Energetics process while incorporating other techniques from related disciplines. I am very body-oriented, and body-aware and have honed my abilities to sense energy and emotions. I like to find a balance between challenging others to take risks within the process, while honoring boundaries and limits.

Every session is catered specifically to the individual or group that I am working with. I trust the process and lead through following; understanding the big-picture of what an individual or group needs and then working from what is presenting in the moment. I take into account what is happening on a conscious level and what I perceive to be happening on an unconscious level with the goal to create a bridge between the two.

I believe I am effective in sessions largely due to my ability to receive, accept, and have compassion for intense emotions and viewpoints. I encourage people to be free, and empower people to be the person they truly are.

Creating the space for the expression of ALL emotions, especially the ones deemed unacceptable or “bad” is in my mind the key to transformation. It is in this space that the magic happens and a person drops into the whole, integrated, vibrant being that they really are.

My Focus

I enjoy working with clients to create greater satisfaction in any area of their lives; whether it is related to business and professional matters, family and relationships, creative blocks and self-expression or a general feeling of dissatisfaction or apathy.

I often encourage working in a group setting as I believe groups are especially effective for exploring and healing aspects of everyday relationships and for helping people develop compassion for themselves and others. It has been my experience that connecting with others in a meaningful way is important to feeling satisfied in life. My life experience makes me particularly effective in working with business professionals struggling with stress and workplace dynamics, creatively-blocked actors and writers or those looking to keep their creative juices flowing, healers and therapists on their own journeys of personal growth or in need of support in their work with clients, and people who are seeking greater satisfaction and joy in life.


University of Michigan, BA Economics with studies in psychology
NY Institute of Core Energetics, CCEP. Four Year Certification Program
CSC- The Centre for systemic constellations, Foundation and Applied Training Programmes
Jim Bonney’s Acting Studio, Two Year Meisner Plus Program
Certified Pilates Instructor, 800 Hour Certification Program
Other trainings include: Meditation, Reiki, Rising Star Healing, Indian Head Massage, NLP, Yoga and Dance

Fun Facts

I am an avid traveller and love learning about new cultures. I love all things Eastern and philosophical. I enjoy singing, dancing, and pretty much anything that involves movement. I am currently learning Italian and dabbling in a few piano lessons.