Robin has been involved in mind/body and energy-oriented therapies for over 16. years. She works with individual clients and leads groups and workshops.

She is a teacher for CORE London trainings, served as one of the first members of the board of directors for the NY Institute of Core Energetics and is a former faculty member at the Core Energetics Institute in Holland.

Robin has been in private practice since 2006 and currently sees clients in Parson’s Green.


Robin has received diverse training from the NY Institute of Core Energetics, New York University and The National Institute for the Psychotherapies.

Evolving as a therapist through different yet compatible modalities, Robin has developed a flexible style that can be personally tailored to the individual client, a strength that has proven extremely useful in successfully working with a wide range of people and issues.

Robin has a profound ability to create a safe environment to help clients reach deep places in their processes, while always encouraging a sense of humor about the human experience.

Robin’s Story

I began my journey of self-reflection and personal growth in high school when I began to read the works of an Austrian psychiatrist and psychoanalyst named Wilhelm Reich. I had been struggling, as many teens do, to find a voice, and longed to feel understood. Reich was the first person whom I felt had put into words the angst and dissatisfaction with life that I had been feeling.

It wasn’t until ten years later that I discovered through an acting teacher in NYC that Reich was the grandfather of an amazing, transformative style of mind/body therapy called Core Energetics, that he was one of the first people in the west to make the connection between the physical body and the personality. Little did I know that all through this two-year acting program I had actually been doing Core Energetics, as our teacher infused it into his training. I became fascinated with the mind/body connection and instantly became a client of the work. I devoured the literature and got as involved with the work as I could.

After years of trying to be an actress in NYC I realized that I was living as a dull, numb version of my full self, eager to find recognition in all the wrong places and for all the wrong reasons. I took a leap of faith and went back to school. I went to graduate school at New York University where I received a degree in Social Work and fell in love with developmental theory, becoming endlessly intrigued by how our early environment impacts our adult lives. Immediately upon graduation, after many years of doing Core work myself, I entered the Core Energetics training institute in New York and received my certification.

It was during this training that it became clear to me: I had found my way home… to myself, to others and to my life’s purpose. This journey has brought me from being frozen, to alive. From afraid to courageous. From hiding, into the fullness of life, of deep, fulfilling relationships and of the joy of being authentically me.

How I Work

I believe in walking the edge between empathic, loving support, and challenging old belief systems and patterns of behavior. Self-responsibility in our struggles is the key in my opinion, and the best way to learn to unravel ourselves so we can see ourselves clearly is to have a strong, loving presence there to guide and support this process.

My focus is to continually bring the client more deeply into the present, and to work with whatever is happening in the moment that is a barrier to their presence. While it is important, and I believe necessary, to delve into history and deep feelings, I also believe firmly in shoring up the cognitive and the practical, and to strengthen the client’s ability to take care of themselves.

Having a creative background I love to bring music, dance, writing and drawing into the work where it makes sense to. I also like to fuse Core Energetics with the classical theories of attachment and bonding, ego and cognitive development.

I am always working with the body and the energy of the client, whether it seems obvious or not at the time. Sometimes a strong physical session is needed, yet sometimes a gentle session of talking and breathwork can be just as powerful and necessary. “Working with energy” can sometimes inspire a misconceived idea of aggressive movement and I believe it need not always be.

I believe in treating every person, and every session, as a brand new experience. Like relationships, when we begin to assume we know all there is to know about the other, the magic disappears. I believe this to be true about therapeutic relationships as well. Therefore, I endeavor to learn new things every step of the way. I seek to keep in mind how my own feelings and perceptions effect the session, and mostly I try to keep it cool… to be transparent, fallible, playful, and light even in the face of deep process.

My Focus

While I work with a wide variety of people, including those suffering from anxiety, depression and general dissatisfaction with their lives, I tend to work well with people who have been trying different kinds of therapy and have not gotten where they wanted to go. I often hear, in a first session, “I’ve been in therapy for X amount of years, yet this won’t change!” These kinds of clients excite me, as I know the power and effect that this work can have.

I am passionate about working with mothers. I believe that mothers carry with them at all times an unimaginable amount of intense feelings, while at the same time having very little time and space to get the support that they need. I also believe that the taboos about what mothers “should and shouldn’t” feel get in the way of even the most closely knit groups of mothers from being completely honest with each other about their experiences. There is a great need here.

I work well with artists and creative people, as well as those in other “body oriented” fields such as yoga, Pilates, acupuncture, etc.

I am able to work with those suffering from addictions, whether to drugs and alcohol, relationships, food or sex, or even those who have generally “addictive” personalities.

I am very drawn towards working with groups and have a passion for creating and offering workshops that include music and dance, and love creating new twists on the techniques and ideas of Core Energetics.

Credentials & Fun Facts

  • New York University MSW
  • NY Institute of Core Energetics CCEP, Five Year Certification Program
  • Jim Bonney Acting Studio, Two Year Meisner Plus Program