Velia, a native Italian speaker, was born and lived in Milan until 2011, when she chose to radically change her life and moved to London.

Sessions offered in English and Italian.

Private Practice : London, Ealing Broadway.

She encountered the Core Energetics in her personal journey of growth in 2006, and decided to take the related training course in 2009 at the Italian Institute of Core Energetics (founded in the 90s by John Pierrakos and the current Director and Professor Dr. Teddy Rupperto Lorusso).

She has completed the fourth year of training, obtaining the relevant certificate in March 2013, and the fifth year of specialisation, obtaining the relevant diploma in June 2014.

In December 2013 she has also completed the third and final year of training at SIBiG (Italian School of BioGestalt®), whose counselling course primarily combines the Bioenergetics and Gestalt approaches.

She currently holds a Director position in the Italian Core Energetics Alumni Association (AssoCore) which works with the aim, among others, of spreading and promote the principles, methods, studies and purposes of Core Energetics.

From September 2014 Velia is also Assistant at the Dutch Institute Cordium Core Evolutionary (NICE) on one of their four-year training courses for psychotherapists and care professionals who wish to become Core Energetics therapists.

She has a private practice and works as a counsellor in London.

Velia’s deep sensitivity and great empathy enable her to connect with those who come to her in a non-judgmental and profoundly respectful manner, recognising the beauty and the untapped potential of each person beyond their possible problems and defences, with the conviction that every human being who truly desires to do so, can make their own lives a wonderful reality.

Her ability to perceive, recognise and discern, helps to penetrate the confusion of unsolved issues, activating the individual’s own resources which is fundamental in enhancing self-awareness and facing the personal journey towards change and liberation, to connect to the life force and learn to express this ever more fully for the true realisation of one’s real Essence.